Halloween week continues…

My sister made a Halloween costume for her little boy last year but he ended up sick and couldn’t wear it.  That means Leo got to debut it this year.  The question is…who or what was he?

A) Professor Plum


B) The Joker


C) A Pimp


Before you make your decision, one last picture:


Made your guess?  Feeling confident?  WRONG.  He was Professor Plum.  (It would have made more sense if Kevin had worn our BIL’s Coronel Mustard costume from last year.)

Unfortunately for us this year, my sister’s son did not puke on the day of their Halloween party, but fortunately he would not wear the adorable costume my sister made him.  He was supposed to be a chef but would only wear a hat, so we had to call him the Naked Chef.


Anyway, since the chef costume needs its chance to shine, we can’t wait for next year!

Roasted fall vegetable and goat cheese pizza
(Pepperoni for the kids)
Tomato and red pepper soup
Key lime pie


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