3rd and 4th anniversary

I forgot to post the gift Kevin got me to celebrate our 3rd anniversary last month.  Traditional gift is leather but he said he couldn’t think of anything to get me.  Nothing at all came to mind.

Leather Jacket (1)

Okay, kidding about the last one.  Actually one anniversary gift website suggested “faux lingerie” but added that this should come with another gift (because we all know who the lingerie is really for).  They also suggested a donation to PETA for a 3rd anniversary gift.  Maybe that could be the second gift?

Anyway, since there was absolutely nothing Kevin could think to get for the leather anniversary, he opted for the modern gift theme of crystal.


As for the fourth anniversary, it was my turn to buy and the gift was candy/flowers.  I have always wanted to get someone this bouquet, and as my husband’s favorite color is “rainbow,” I just couldn’t hold back.


These are selfies.  Kevin obviously couldn’t hold back either.  You know what they say: once the husband, never the bride.  Well this husband finally got his moment.

Stuffing-stuffed chicken
Buttered broccoli
PB Rice Krispie treats

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