Pumpkin time!

We headed out to a pumpkin farm this weekend.  There was corn, there was pumpkin launching, there was a 3-D pumpkin adventure, there was a tractor ride and kettle korn and cider and all the things that mean I should really clear those beach buckets and shovels out of the back of our van and face the reality: I am now officially behind on my Christmas shopping.

I knew the pumpkin farm was going to be a bloggable event when Vincenzo read a sign in the parking lot then asked, “Mom, what does ‘angel parking’ mean?”

I snapped this picture of Leo coming through the corn maze…


…then decided it would look better if I squatted down to take the picture.  The result:


The sarcasm runs deep in this family.

Rocco must have been royalty in a past life.  Case in point: his facial expression.


Here is a great shot I got of a fruit fly resting on the palm of Vincenzo’s hand:*


Not sure what happened in this picture, but I can only guess it might have something to do with the stem of the pumpkin…


On the way home Rocco said he wanted to eat 41 pieces of kettle korn so he kept putting one piece in his mouth then ordering us, “Count!”  Kevin obliged and called out the numbers.  After he ate five Rocco said, “No!  Count LETTERS.”  Then he told us what he just realized about math:

“7 + D + 70!”

He then sang the ABCs in a mixed-up order and concluded with, “Now you know my ABSings…”  Leo listened to all this way too intently for our comfort and we likely be forever confused about the ABSings and how easily letters and numbers add together.

In conclusion, here are a few pretty pictures for your viewing pleasure:






*It’s there.

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