Best-ever Boys’ Slumber Party

Vincenzo turned eight last weekend.  EIGHT! 

Anyway, the slumber party!  If you came here expecting to see something simply lovely that you could post on Pinterest, you are going to be sorely disappointed.  It was an UGLY party, it was a NONTHEMATIC party (!!), but it was so incredibly fun.

I know you all don’t believe me so I’m going to show you a picture of the decorations.


(Unfortunately Kevin took the crepe paper down before I could get a good picture, but you can see it hanging on the chandelier, taped up with blue painter’s tape that I didn’t even try to hide.  But the poor quality of this picture alone is a good warm up for the rest of this post.)

And now for my disclaimer: I can never hold myself back on invitations.


Maybe that part is Pinterest worthy but I promise that’s it.  We hand-delivered these because of the flashlights but they could be made without the flashlights if you wanted to mail them.

Now for the ugly fun part of the party.  The kids started with a game Vincenzo wanted to do where the party guests passed around one Hershey’s bar and had to cut off a piece using a knife and eat it with a fork.  I totally didn’t get it, but they all liked it!


Then I gave each guest a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans along with a list of the flavors and each person had to challenge themselves to try as many different flavors as possible, which include earthworm, earwax, booger, dirt, soap, and vomit.


I wish you could hear the high-pitched screams and giggles that accompanied this picture, but you’ll have to take my word for it.  It cracked me up that one of the kids who won’t even eat melted cheese on crackers would eat the vomit-flavored jelly bean.  Twice!  Pro tip if you plan on doing this at one of your parties: be sure to place plenty of spit bowls around.

Next I herded the kids to the basement for a “Minute to Win It” game that my friend suggested we do where each kid gets a Kleenex box and has to pull all the Kleenex out of it using only one hand.


It was every kid’s dream: to do something they have always wanted to do but never been allowed to.  And the aftermath was fun too!

Shortly after the Kleenex wars the boys started up the “video games” chant so they played a bit, then ate dinner, then played more video games, then came upstairs for dessert.  Vincenzo wanted everyone to decorate their own cakes, so I had prepped a bunch of Twinkies beds, oval cookies/pirouette sticks for headboards, and marshmallow pillows like this:


I also premade some Nilla Wafer heads to look like each boy at the party (yes, Ernie was among our guests):


Then I passed out a bunch of Airheads and other long gummi candies so the boys could make their own blankets (they also had scissors and mini rolling pins from our play-dough set), plus a gummi bear for their dessert self to sleep with, sixlets for the bedpost tops, and two jelly bellies for their feet.  They were a little skeptical about the jelly bellies after the Bertie Bott’s beans, but I assured them they could trust me.  The final result:


After dessert the boys went back downstairs for a movie an bed.  The kids went to sleep at the surprisingly reasonable hour of 10:30, woke up for more video games at an also surprisingly reasonable hour of 7 then finished up with a pinata and silly string war outside.

Happy birthday to my eight-year-old newborn baby:


As big and smart and silly and sophisticated as you get, there is a piece of you living in my heart that is still an impossibly tiny, swaddled newborn baby trying your hardest to open your eyes for a few seconds to get a glimpse of your mama. The instant you were born I knew how much you needed me and also realized  that I needed you just as much.  And the one thing I’ve learned in these past eight years, Baby, is that some things never change.

One thought on “Best-ever Boys’ Slumber Party

  1. Aw, happy birthday D! I still love that newborn picture. It’s like he’s daring you to move him from his comfortable view of life. “Go ahead, just try to make me anything but content!”

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