Ultra-competitive Boys

There is one thing that Vincenzo and Rocco love doing together, and that is playing.  There is also one thing they are really really bad at doing together, and that is playing.


I’ve been paying attention to how they play this week so I that can help them do it better and I’ve noticed a pattern.  I will try to describe in terms of playing house since that’s what I grew up doing, even though their game would be more appropriately called “blowing sh** up.”

So basically Vincenzo describes a beautiful house on a hill with lots of frilly curtains (i.e. guns), then says he’s the dad and he’s bringing home a bouquet of flowers for Pretend Mom  (i.e. he is shooting all the bad guys dead).

Rocco says he’s also the dad and he also bought a bouquet of flowers for Pretend Mom.  (I’ll let you fill in the bang bang substitutions from here on out.)  Vincenzo Dad says fine, then, he bought two bouquets of flowers and Rocco Dad says that he, coincidentally, also bought two bouquets of flowers.  Vincenzo Dad says he went to the store and bought all the bouquets of flowers they sell and Rocco says he went to all the stores in the WORLD and bought all the flowers EVERYONE sold for Pretend Mom, and Vincenzo Dad says that’s against the rules.  Rocco Dad counters that it’s not.  Vincenzo says it’s not only against the rules but also now the wife doesn’t like the flowers Rocco Dad brought home. Rocco Dad screams, “NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!”, making real Mom very irritated.

But then Vincenzo Dad says, “Hey Rocco, want to play a new game?”  Real Mom takes a calming breath and feels happy that Vincenzo Son is learning how to diffuse an argumentative situation with his brother. 

Rocco says enthusiastically, “Yeah!” 

Vincenzo says, “Okay, in this game you are dead, I shot you.  Bang bang!”

To which Rocco replies, “WAAAHHHH!  NOOOO!  WAAHHH!  MOOOOOMMMM!” 

To sum up: Vincenzo sets the scene and makes a some rules that Rocco either breaks or ignores, prompting more complicated and confining rules that lead to more obstinate and angry rebelling.

Sometimes there is a twist ending, like Vincenzo will tell Rocco it’s okay to break the rules but he should be warned that Vincenzo will then hit him with the sword, which Rocco agrees to and instantly regrets. 

Actually, the ending turns out the same after all.  “WAAAHH, NOOO, WAAHHH, MOOOMMMM!”

Since that’s the only way I know how to end things now I think I’ll just awkwardly cut my blog here and say to be continued…

Homemade mac ‘n cheese
Grilled chicken breast
Orange, fennel, and pepita salad
Plum cake

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