2nd Anniversary Gift: Cotton

If you remember a couple months back I mentioned that this year Kevin and I are getting each other the traditional yearly anniversary gifts that we, like most couples, have completely ignored for all ten years of marriage.

It was my turn to buy, and the gift was cotton.  How’d I do?


Yes, that is a throw blanket embroidered with us that I ordered on-line, thanks for asking..  I have never been more in love with the Internet than I am at this moment.

2 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary Gift: Cotton

  1. Can I just say that my fav part of this post is that Kevin’s legs appear to be your legs coming from the bottom of your wedding dress and I was shocked that you didn’t shave and chose to wear Vans on such a formal day. You also appear shorter than I remember (and that’s saying something).

    I’m so happy to be back in WA with you fabulously psychotic folks. We’re homeless until the end of the month BTW – invite us over dammit.

  2. Casey, this is one of my favorite comments ever. I do look short with Kevin’s legs! Ironic. You’ve totally earned yourself dinner with the Betos this Sept.!

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