Final (final) ((final)) anniversary celebration

Kevin and I spent last weekend celebrating our anniversary again, this time by spending two nights at the lodge where we got married.


The big event of our weekend was dinner at The Herbfarm, ten yards away from Willows Lodge.  Not just dinner, though…six hours of dinner.  Quite a change from the average 4.2 minutes that we usually spend eating dinner in between helping all our boys eat their dinners.

Now if there’s one thing that Kevin and I have learned after ten years of marriage, it’s that we could not possibly survive a six hour dinner together.  We have become much more practical over the years.  So we called in reinforcements:


Husbands came too, but as they wore neither dresses nor make-up, they are not pictured here.

The evening was made even more poignant by the fact that two of these people recently learned they will be moving two states away.  *sniff*


But we’ll still have these two to kick around, and for that we feel very lucky.


We met these couples through baby classes with our first-borns, so we have known them for the equivalent of all our life.

A few days before our date Kevin said, “Hey, I should probably get my hair cut for this weekend, right?”  I agreed and sent him to the barber.  He came back looking like he enlisted.


But if you remember back to our Vegas anniversary celebration and how I saved his bare, hairy legs from ruining a picture, you’ll know I won’t let his I-just-had-lice look ruin these pictures, either.


Okay, wow.  On second thought, I think I’ll just take the buzz cut.

As for me, I splurged and got my hair and makeup done for the night.  The last time I bought any make-up (other than a few tubes of lip gloss) was for my wedding, ten years ago.  There was more make-up on my eyes for this anniversary than there had been on my entire face for all of the ten years between my wedding and now.  I didn’t let myself blink the whole night because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to open my eyelids once they closed.  All that eye make up, just to get me the “natural look” I asked for.


But still, I loved the look and loved not stressing about how I was going to do my makeup and hair, as I never do my makeup or hair and hate trying to do either. 

We loved every minute of our six-hour dinner.  The only thing we did more than eat was drink, and the only thing we did more than drink was talk, and the only thing we did more than talk was laugh.  And while I don’t remember much of the conversation on account of all the drinking, I do know that I will remember the evening forever.  It was epic.

And now, for those of you who include “looking at pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Mouthy on their anniversaries” among your favorite hobbies, I offer this next round of pictures:





Thank you, Kristen, for taking all these pictures, and thank you to all the friends, grandparents, aunts and uncles who hung out with our kids so we could feel like newlyweds for a weekend.  We love you, Everyone!

5 thoughts on “Final (final) ((final)) anniversary celebration

  1. EPIC! You throw one awesome anniversary party! You are beautiful and your crew cut Mr. Mouthy is handsome. Thank you for the best dinner of all time!

  2. Now I’m uncomfortable because my picture showed up…
    But I think you’re funny enough for me to get over that.

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