MrsMouthy’s Family Vacation

Some things are just too good to blog about.  Our family vacation in Chelan last week was one of those times, which has left me with fairly little material to blog about this week.  But pictures—those I have!

Leo.  This kid is such a poser when the camera is out.


Vincenzo, channeling Han Solo.  Right?!


The kids got hungry while waiting for their dad at a store (okay, I’ll fess up—it was Wal-Mart), so we tailgated our pb&j lunch.  I have so many memories of eating lunch like this on vacation when I was a kid and was totally tripping to be the mom instead of the kid in this situation, so I just had to capture the moment.  This wasn’t exactly the picture I was going for…but at least I could count on Leo.


I am a bad person for taking this picture, and a terrible person for posting it on my blog.  But only because my lighting setting was adjusted incorrectly—otherwise I have no regrets.


Vincenzo spent hours on the beach collecting rocks and/or lost in thought, just like he is here.  (Or maybe he’s just old and wise enough to know never to turn his backside to Mom’s camera.  See above picture.)


This is my absolute favorite picture of the trip.  I call it: Life with Rocco.


The kids didn’t know what we found so funny about their balloon “mask.”


We lost Rocco’s cute little blue bunny helmet briefly, so he upgraded to steam punk.  It was the next logical step.


The next three pictures I call “Captionless.”  Is that bad?



Rocco was low on sleep all week from hanging with the big kids.  It didn’t stop him from going in the pool/hot tub, but we had to keep a close eye on him.  Case in point:


Leo brought this bat everywhere he went in Chelan and people kept calling him Bam Bam.  My favorite was in the morning, when I’d hear the pit-a-pat pit-a-pat of his bare feet, along with a scraaaaaape, like a super creepy, cute baby psychopath running down the hall.


Hug time!


On the way over there we talked about taking the Rocky Reach Dam Tour, mostly because we wanted the kids to talk about the Dam Tour as much as possible.  All we got out of Rocco, though, was, “I don’t want to take the Dam Tour!  I want to take the train tour!”  We kept telling him there wasn’t any train tour.  Then on our way back home we saw a sign for “free train rides,” and lo and behold Rocco ended up with his train tour after all, proving that if you whine long and loudly enough, you will most definitely get what you want.


Anyway, not bad for a week that I started out by saying I couldn’t blog about, eh?  I might even follow it up with an encore…

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