Every friggin’ summer

Hey everyone!  To answer the question everyone has been asking, yes!  I’m still here!  And now I have a question for you.  First observe these pictures.


Now tell me, what do these pictures represent?  Is it…

a) an abnormal amount of jams and sauces for one person to have canned
b) an abnormal amount of pictures for one person to take of the jams and sauces that said person canned
c) a cry for help

If you answered b), then this one’s for you:


Technically, one person didn’t can all these…my MIL helped.  This year’s canning included blueberry jam, blackberry jam, plum sauce, cardamom plum sauce, and plum jam.  I couldn’t help it.  The blueberries came free from my mom; the blackberries were just sitting there behind my house, calling for me to pick and jam them; and we picked as many plums as we could carry home from a house we rented at the lake last week.

So if you stop by my house this month there is a good chance you will walk home with something in a jar.

If, that is, I don’t pluck you off of my doorstep and turn you into a nice batch of jam firsts…

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