1. Rocco: Try these Pop Rocks, Mom! They make your mouth feel shiny!

2. Vincenzo: The last packet of Skittles I had was king size.  Next time I’m going to get government size!

3. Rocco: It was too loud in here so I had to put my sunglasses on.


4. Vincenzo: I know someone who makes $1,666 a year by going to meetings.
Me: Yeah?
Vincenzo: Yeah.  I’m planning on taking a year off of school so I can be rich too.
Me: Oh.  And how are you going to make your money?
Vincenzo: By going to meetings.


5. Rocco, watching the baseball game at Red Robin: Mom!  We’re watching a movie about baseball!

6. Leo, all day, every day:


And every once in awhile:


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