Vegas, the picture version

Here is a picture of our hotel room (we stayed at a new place called SCREAM!):


Vincenzo riding a gondola and/or possibly taking a dump on a gondola:


A couple Italians hanging out at the Venetian:


The lovely Aunt Sharon carrying a toddler who thinks he’s still a baby:


Vincenzo, being told to smile for the camera:


Leo, being told to smile for the camera:


The lovely Great Great Aunt Helen


Rocco, climbing onto the windowsill to watch the airplanes:


Leo, climbing onto the windowsill because Rocco made it look so cool:


Vincenzo, is asking me if he got any chocolate on his face


And finally, the exact moment we knew it was time to go back home:


Thank you Sharon, Aunt Helen, and my MIL/FIL for giving me a week’s worth of blog posts and and an even bigger cache of Vegas memories.


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