So one reason we went to Vegas was to celebrate our tenth anniversary (again—and we’re going to do it again, so DEAL with it).  On Friday evening with left the kids with Kevin’s parents and went out to a Cirque du Soleil show.  I slipped into this super expensive $15 dress I found at Ross and Kevin slipped into a shirt that had at least one button on it, thus passing the “going out clothes” test.

If you’ll remember back to Monday’s post about how many shoes you should bring on a three day trip to Las Vegas (five), you’ll notice Kevin did not pack correctly.  He is wearing the one and only pair of shoes he brought on the trip.  And as for pants…pffft.


It is a good thing that, after ten years of marriage, our relationship has evolved to the point where I am competent enough on Photoshop to fix this picture.


But unfortunately our relationship has not evolved far enough that I do not take great pleasure in making fun of my husband and finding new ways to teach him to NEVER MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN.


In fact, I might even use this picture for our Christmas Card this year.


Although I have to admit, this last one here is my favorite.  (Probably his too.)


I am embarrassed to say how much time I spent deleting Kevin’s legs from this picture and then searching the interwebs for other legs I could swap in for his.  I have seen some STUFF, people.  Legs are a scary thing to search for.  Don’t do it.  I think next time I’ll just save myself the trouble and fix his pantsless, flip-floppy legs this way:


The things we do for the ones we love.

3 thoughts on “Vegas-versary

  1. The big bird legs look like they are coming out of your butt. Kevin looks great in a skirt.

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