What happens in Vegas….

…is likely to end up on MrsMouthy’s blog—if, that is, she has traveled there recently, which happens to be the case today.  To make up for my summer blog slacking I’ll stretch Vegas out over this whole week, starting with today’s Q and A post.

Question: How many pairs of shoes does one bring to Vegas for a two-day, three-night stay?



They are, from right to left: flip-flops, flats, running shoes, heels that are okay for walking, and heels that are horrendous for walking or even standing in but which make your legs the length God truly meant them to be


Q: Which pair of shoes do you wear on the plane?

A: Flats. (Your feet might get cold on in flip-flops; ONLY wear running shoes when you are exercising; heels on the plane are in the same class as snakes on a plane)


Q: Which pair of shoes do you not wear at all?

A: The heels okay for walking (Too ambiguous—in Vegas you can never predict if you will be out and walking for the maximum amount of comfortable time those shoes allow, so you choose the flats instead)


Q: Which pair of shoes do you wear for a 2-mile walk?

A: The 5” heels (Because you decide to walk home from a Cirque du Soleil show at the opposite end of the strip and because it probably makes God feel less badly about making your legs 5 inches too short)


And that’s enough for today, class.  More Vegas tomorrow!

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