Mr. and Mrs. Mouthy

Mine and Kevin’s anniversary was last Thursday, (ten years) and while we’re actually celebrating it in August, we got talked into dropping the kids off at his parents’ house the evening of our actual anniversary* and walking down to a French restaurant on the water.  Not bad for a back-up plan, eh?  We shared a couple drinks but somehow Kevin ended up way more tipsy than me.  He said it’s because he took a drink every time he said something witty.  Then he rolled his eyes because after ten years of marriage, we not only finish each other’s sentences, we also finish each other’s body language.

In the ten years we’ve been married, we’ve gone from this…


to this.


From this…


to this.


From this…


to this.

(Kevin wanted the chance to show off the elegant nape of his neck, for once.)

And from this…


to this.


A couple weeks ago I decided it was a shame that we never did the traditional anniversary gifts for each other each year.  We are people who love to mess with the rules on that kind of stuff and we could have had a lot of fun with it.

Then I decided it’s not too late to start now.  So on the eleventh of each month this year, we are getting each other the appropriate anniversary gift for each of our ten years together.  We’ll take turns instead of both buying each month.  That means Kevin got to give me the gift of paper on July 11.  He went with an original poem. I know it’s an original poem because it says so right on it: The Dove’s Coo, Original Poem by Kevin

For those who don’t feel like squinting, the poem sounds an awful lot like one of Shakespeare’s most famous love poems, Sonnet 130, only slightly different.  Like instead of “her breasts are dun,” it reads, “her breasts are off-limits.”  Most of the other stuff on there is built up from ten years of inside jokes, so I won’t bother to explain.


It feels really good to be doing something for each other at this time in our lives, when we are busier and tired-er and less focused on each other than we’ve ever been.  Even if it involves a little plagiarism.

One thought on “Mr. and Mrs. Mouthy

  1. I LOVE the last picture!! Especially in contrast to the one above it, in which you both look a little wary of the other. 🙂

    Happy 10 years!!

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