Fly on the wall

There are so many little things that make us laugh every day and I don’t usually blog them because they seem so little, but maybe all together here they’ll look like a real blog post.  Ya think?

Rocco, seeing a ferry on the lake: Mom, look!  A ferry!
Me: Oh yes, I see.
Rocco: Dad, look!  A ferry!
Kevin: Yup.  That’s a ferry.
Rocco: Vindendo, look!  A ferry!  Vindendo!  Vindendo!  Look!  A ferry!
[Vincenzo was reading and didn’t look up or answer.]
Rocco, finally: It’s okay, Vindendo.  I saw the ferry for you.

Me, upon getting a kiss from a snotty kiss from Leo: Mmm, thanks.  It’s just like kissing a slug.

Kevin, after the Blackhawk’s win last night: So…should I shave it off?
Me: It’s your face, it’s your beard, and it’s your sex life.  You decide.

Rocco, in the garage: I found a lucky penny, Mom!  Let’s go to the store and buy things!

Me, at the store, in a friendly, sing-songy voice: Leo, if I have to break your legs to get you into this grocery cart, I will break your legs.

We are fish-sitting for the neighbors for a couple months.  Rocco was very excited to have a fish.  I found out why as soon as the neighbors left, when he parked himself in front of the fish tank and asked, “If it dies, can we fry it up and eat it?”

Me, in a text to Kevin: I sold the kids on e-bay today.
Kevin: Sounds like you need a break.
Me: I don’t miss them.  I have no regrets.

Names I have called Leo today: Snotface Snotlout; The Boogey Man, and Spazzie McGee

Rocco’s last words before going to bed: DAD!  I NEED A KLEENEX AND A TRAIN!


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