Father’s Day Gifts

Hope all you dads out there had a great Father’s Day.  I spent most of the day trying to convince Kevin that I owed him nothing because he wasn’t my dad.  Kevin, if you’re reading this, please remember that Mother’s Day follows a completely different set of guidelines.

The kids delivered, though.  Here’s a book Vincenzo made him at school:

“My Dad is a TREASURE!!!!”


It shows an aerial view of them playing video games in the basement in the middle of a thunder storm.

“One thing my dad does well is wach TV.  He waches hoky.”


The picture is a view from behind the couch of them watching TV together.

“One thing I like to do with my dad is wach TV on a plane.”


Is anyone noticing any pattern here?  Seriously, people.

“My dad can work at Microsoft well.”


Okay, good.  At least it’s a computer and not a TV in this one.

“My dad is AWESOME!!!!”


We clapped at the last page and I said, “Look, Daddy’s standing for the first time in the whole book!”  Kevin said, “But it looks like I’m wearing some leg braces to support me from all that sitting down watching TV I do.”  Vincenzo explained those weren’t leg braces; they were legs to a chair and Dad was sitting on it.  That’s a huge bucket of popcorn to the left of the rainbow circle; I think they’re at a movie.

I guess if you’re good at something, you might as well stick with it.

Rocco made a cardboard representation of Kevin’s face for Father’s Day. 


The placement’s a bit off, but he definitely nailed the playoff beard!

Grilled vegetable and goat cheese sandwiches
Fresh Fruit
Snickers Cake

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