Thoughtless Thursday: My Three Sons

Lordy, how have I made it this far with three boys and not yet used that title?  Anyway, here are a few pics of each from the past month.  Captions are no extra cost this week.


Waiting for Vincenzo’s bus—it gets him every time:


Getting a little rowdy in his friend’s ball tent (he insisted on wearing his Birthday Boy shirt to his friend’s birthday party.  It didn’t seem like a big deal since he also stole this friend’s name to have for himself.):



He has to take a bath anytime anyone else in the house takes one (he also has to go to the bathroom anytime anyone else does.  We take care not to go to the bathroom while he’s already bogarting the tub):


He fell asleep on his way to lunch one day, one on the chair and one on the ground, and he slept like that for over an hour:



One afternoon I told him he should get outside instead of holing up inside with a book:


My last words before I took this picture were, “Okay, try to look more normal in this one…”


Fresh semolina pasta
Meatballs in sauce
Buttery beans
S’mores brownies


2 thoughts on “Thoughtless Thursday: My Three Sons

  1. Hey, girl! it’s been ages. I didn’t mean to bail. I really didn’t. I’m hopin’ to be back…but with google reader takin’ a dive, I’m unsure how to stay connected best. ack. I hate change.
    Your boys are as handsome as ever.

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