This Week in Rocco…

1. Rocco: Look, Mom, purple leaves!  Let’s take them home and project with them!

2. Me: Rocco, do you want some mac ‘n cheese?
Rocco: Yes!  Wait–is it normal or Mom-made?

3. Rocco, riding his glider in his usual bike-riding attire:


4. Rocco, seeing me in a tight-fitting shirt: Mom, it looks like there’s another baby in your tummy.

5. Rocco: Will God ever die?
Me: No.  God won’t die because he doesn’t have a body.
R: What??!
Me: God is invisible—you can’t see him
R, closing his eyes:  And you can’t see me!  I won’t die either!

And now you all know the secret to immortality.

Date night—went out for dim sum.  Yum!

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