Shave the Date

The play-off beard thing is getting out of control.

As you might recall, Kevin (a Blackhawks fan) is having me cheer for the Redwings since I have been shaving my legs and plucking my facial hair during the playoff season, and the road to the Stanley Cup is paved with beard hair.  When last night’s game got off to a rocky start, he almost sent me to the bathroom to shave again, just to make sure.

But thanks to a big slice of chocolate cake, an extra shaving was not required.  Leo instead sprouted an instant playoff beard of his own.


The Blackhawks won and all was shaved.

SAVED!  I meant to say all was SAVED!

Oh dear…we’re going to need more chocolate cake.

WHAT’S COOKIN’ 2NITE (last night):
Fresh pasta and meatballs
Strawberry Salad (thanks S)
Fruit (thanks T)
Old-fashioned chocolate cake and ice cream

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