MrsMouthy Bakes (and Bakes and Bakes…)

Last weekend I helped a neighbor with some baking for her daughter’s first communion and also baked a bunch of cookies for a Mother’s Day lunch at my sister’s. 

Chocolate-caramel thumbprints (they taste like almond roca)


Lemon honeybee cookies


Red velvet cupcakes


White chocolate-dipped, pearl-topped marshmallows


Chocolate, classic, and pistachio shortbread


Sugar cookies (I just baked them; my neighbor did the decorating)


White chocolate macadamia nut biscotti


I do love the baking, but I am looking forward to maybe taking this week off.  My kitchen counters no longer have to look like this…


…and instead can go back to looking like this:


Thanks to my sister and neighbor for giving me a reason to go on a baking binge!

Steak fajita chili
Baked potatoes
Roasted asparagus
One hundred kinds of cookies

One thought on “MrsMouthy Bakes (and Bakes and Bakes…)

  1. Next time you feel the need to bake/cook, my kids would love to know what a real pasta dish tastes like (or any full balanced meal for that matter). They really lost out in that dept. Sorry girls!!

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