That Rocco

That Rocco.  That Rocco!

So we ate lunch on the deck yesterday while some workers fixed our granite countertops that had become uneven.  Rocco asked, “Who is in the kitchen, Mom?”  I explained that it was some workers but I had forgotten their names.  We continued with lunch, and then Rocco said, “I have to go do something.”  He ran inside then returned a few seconds later.  “I told them that you don’t remember their names anymore.”

That Rocco!

I told Rocco that afternoon that I would make him a tipi on the deck later.  The day carried on and at dinner time he must have remembered my promise because he came running up to me saying, “Mom, now is it time to make toilet paper on the deck?”

That Rocco!

At dinner he asked for more hot dog.  I gave him some and said, “There you are.  Now who loves you?”  He answered, “I do!”

That Rocco!

After the tipi was made Rocco ran downstairs to gather some trains to put in it.  I heard a lot of jingling and jangling and he kept saying something about how he didn’t have enough hands so he was just going to put his trains mumble mumble, but I was too busy cleaning up to pay much attention.  It wasn’t until I turned around that I saw Rocco’s solution to the problem of not enough hands:


And now when Rocco is looking for a specific train he’s missing, I get to enjoy the great pleasure of asking him, “Have you checked your underwear?”

That Rocco.  I don’t want to imagine a world without That Rocco.

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