Nothin’ doin’

I just don’t have much to blog about lately.  Maybe I only had four years of funny in me, and the rest is all just repeat?  If I were going to blog, I would probably mention how I have to schedule it into Kevin’s phone calendar if I would like to do a number two before he leaves for work because if I wait until after there is lots of crying and screaming, and he often leaves for work before I’ve gone.

Or I would write about how I really don’t have much wrong with me physically, except for carpal tunnel, radial tunnel, cysts in my wrists, hemorrhoids, Factor V Leiden, and a pulled calf muscle.  Nothing big enough to complain about, but enough to prove I’m not 25 anymore.

I could write about Leo, and how he learned a bunch of sign language like the words for water, milk, bird, light, hat, help, more, up, down, rain, and outside, but decided it easier to just sign “hat” to mean all of those and went around hitting his head whenever he wanted to say something.  When we kept thinking he meant “hat” instead of water, milk, bird, light, help, more, up, down, rain, and outside, he realized we were all idiots and gave up signing altogether.

I’d write about how Rocco likes to wear pajamas all day, and then at night he changes into clothes to sleep (here’s a picture of him all ready for bed):


But probably all you’d want to hear about is the time Kevin said he felt like my brother, so I started calling him my “brother-with-benefits,” and then when he’d try to spoon with me at night I’d whisper, “I’m telling Mom!”  In the morning I’d say, “Goodbye, Brother Husband,” and he’d turn around and say, “Goodbye, Nephew Sons!” to the kids.

Yup. That’s what I’d blog about, if only I had something to blog about.

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