Aquarium trip

Kevin took the day off work yesterday to go to the aquarium with the fam.  On the way down, we had this conversation:

Me: If you could have any pet, real or imaginary, what would it be?
Vincenzo: I’d have a fish.
Me: Out of all the animals in the universe, you’d choose a fish?
V: Yes, because then I could teach it tricks.
Me: Ah yes, fish are well-known for their trainability.
Rocco: I’d choose a starfish.
V, laughing: That would be too hard to feed, Rocco.  They eat things that float down to them, so you’d have to eat all your meals above its tank!
Kevin:  I’d choose a starfish, too, so my starfish could be friends with Rocco’s starfish.
Me: I’d choose a bouquet of kittens.  I saw one on Reddit today.  And my kittens would never turn into cats.
V: Wait, I’d choose a fish that never dies!
Kevin: An invincible fish?
V: No…one that never dies!
Rocco: Hey everyone, I just invented a color!  It’s…SILVER!  And it comes from my body!

And then at lunch:

Me: What’s the most interesting fact you’ve learned today?  Mine was that every grain of sand in the ocean has been in the mouth of a sea cucumber at one point.
Vincenzo: Mine is that fish can live to be 140 years old.
Kevin: Mine is that Rocco invented the color silver.
Rocco: My fact is: FISH.

It is really such a pity that Kevin has to be at work all the other days of the year to fund our trips to the aquarium that he usually doesn’t get to go on.  He misses out!

  But at least I know what I can get him for his next birthday:


Too bad I’ll have to wait another year for this:


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