Yes!  I’m still blogging!  Daily life has just been busy lately, and now that gardening season has hit I spend a lot of time in the dirt.  Dirt is hard to blog about.  So here are a couple random things, just to prove I still exist and to keep you from completely starving to death:

1. Rocco asked me if I would play a long game with him.  He is a very literal child:


2.  Here’s a picture of an April Fool’s prank I pulled on Vincenzo—I poured him a bowl of cereal/milk the night before, stuck a spoon in it, and froze it. 


3.  Overheard conversation by the Lego box:

Carson: Vincenzo, remember when we used to have all those ideas about big ships we wanted to build?
Vincenzo: Yeah.
Carson: I miss those days.

Filet mignon with gorgonzola butter
Wild rice cakes
Plain old peas
Chocolate cake with raspberry ice cream

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