Kids R Funny

Funnies from our week—hope they make you smile too!

1. Rocco: Mom, how long are your arms?
Me, stretching them out: This long.
R: Reach them up as high as you can above your head.
Me: Like this?
R: Yes.  That’s how tall a 5-year-old is.

2. The babysitter was over blowing up balloons for the boys to play with when Rocco asked, “Ian, will you tie a string around this one so it floats?”

3. Rocco: How old will I be when I’m nine?

4. You know your kids have been playing too much Minecraft when the baby starts banging a spoon on his tray and Rocco asks, “Oh!  What’s Leo mining today?”

5. Me: Vincenzo, do you know what a constellation is?
V: Yeah, it’s like a formation of stars.
Me: Exactly!
V: …like there’s the Big Diaper…