I Forgot how to Mom

On Easter afternoon I asked Kevin, “Could you find an old waffle for Leo to snack on?”  I thought I was being very thoughtful, taking care of Leo like that.  My family thought it both hilarious and sad that I asked specifically for an old waffle for Baby Leo.  They said, “Well, that’s what you get when you’re the third kid.”

I am here to prove that Leo is not the only neglected son in this family.

Here is Rocco, showing off an egg he dyed.  Please note that his hands are covered in filth and I didn’t notice (or have him wash his hands) until I was looking through these photos the next day.


Here is Rocco, wearing Halloween pajamas on Easter morning:


Here is Rocco wearing pajamas at 4 in the afternoon, going on hour 21 of wearing them (the tie, though, was new):


Here is Rocco at the park, fuming because a girl rode off on his tricycle while his mom stood idly by, taking pictures of him fuming:


And here is Rocco, being asked to stand next to a giant column of knives to get his picture taken:


So before you start feeling too badly about Leo, take a moment to feel badly for Rocco, too. 

(As for Vincenzo, either he is well taken care of or he is so completely neglected that I can’t find a single recent picture that proves I am neglecting him as well.)

One thought on “I Forgot how to Mom

  1. I’m wondering if the girl who rode off on Rocco’s tricycle also made a snyde remark about his helmet. Is that really a bunny head complete with ears?

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