1. Rocco: Come here, Leo!  I made a big pile of spit on the piano bench for you to play with!  (Maybe this should have been included in yesterday’s post?)

2. Me and V, while standing in line to see the school play:
Me: Vincenzo, do you think you’ll want to be in the play when you’re older?
V: Yes, because then I won’t have to stand in this line.

3. The kids, while playing a game of firefighter—all three boys were wearing various parts of fire fighting gear:
Carson: Come downstairs, guys, the basement is on fire!
Vincenzo:  We’re on the way!
Rocco: Wait–why would we go downstairs if it’s on fire?

4. Rocco, on a cold walk to the bus stop: My hands want to go home!

5. Rocco, randomly: Big squares are also called “capital squares.”

Rocco, watching TV while sitting in a basket:


Watching TV while  wearing a rabbit helmet


Rocco, just being Rocco:


Vincenzo, trying to look disappointed that this was all the milk we had in the fridge for the leprechauns to dye:


This picture needs a caption; any ideas?


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