Part of my job as a SAHM is saying “no” to people.  Specifically, to my kids.  Either Simon Cowell would have made a great mother or I would make a great judge on American Idol for how frequently and thoroughly I dash my children’s hopes day in and day out.

Por ejemplo, here is a small sample of some of the things I said “no” to yesterday:

Can I wear my pajamas to school today?  Can I start a painting project two minutes before we leave for school?  Can I hammer the table?  What if I just hammer it lightly?  Can I play Minecraft?  Can I crash Vincenzo’s model car?  Can we go on a long hike outside while Leo is napping?  Can I buy a Hot Wheels car?  Can I have a Lunchable?  Can I wear my brand new shoes in the mud?  Can I shake this tree you just planted?  How about this tree?  This one?  Am I being funny?  Can I wear my muddy boots in the house?  Can I roll the window down even though we’re on the freeway and it’s raining?  Can you read this book to me while you’re driving the car?  Can I invite a friend over right now?  Can I have a DS?  Can I have noodles and oranges and cookies and cauliflower and crackers and cheese and ice cream and water and milk and salami and a Lunchable for dinner?  Can you make Rocco stop asking me questions?  Can I ride the trike in the kitchen while you’re making dinner?  Can you take Leo out of the bath so I can have one?  Can I wear my school clothes to bed?  If I ask the same question twenty times in a row will you answer it cheerfully and patiently every time?

It’s not fun to say “no” so many times throughout the day, especially when many of the “no’s” lead to temper tantrums or whiny crying about how life is soooo unfair.  I mean come on, Mom…even starving kids in Ethiopia each have their own DS.

The question I would love the kids to ask—the one question I would love to hear from them is this: Would you like us to stop asking you for all these unreasonable requests all day long?

It’s probably best they don’t ask it, though.  I can’t remember what the opposite of “no” is anymore.

One thought on “No.

  1. You are a beacon of hilarious hope to my poor mommy hagard soul. Thank you for your snarky, truthful, real to life posts! My three littles do their best to have me commted to Bedlam, daily. Your blog reminds me that I am not alone and that my middle child is not crazy, just all boy! Thank you!

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