Routine Maintenance Post

It is a rule of blogging that the more you have to blog about, the less time you have to blog about it.  There’s been a lot this week but I just have time to write this quick post until I can find an hour or two to catch up.  I am WORN OUT and cranky lately, and you can all feel lucky you are not my husband.  Except you, Kevin.  You should not feel so lucky.

Anyway, I came out of the bathroom yesterday to find a shirtless Kevin on the bed with Leo, saying, “No no, Leo.  These nipples are just decorative.”  Apparently Leo had pulled himself up to Kevin’s chest level, noticed the nipples, and started signing “milk” at them.

In mostly unrelated news, Kevin asked me to start thinking about what I want for my birthday.  I have asked for this, which I found in a Guess magazine sent to our house:


Good luck, Kevin.  I don’t like to be disappointed.

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