MrsMouthy’s Very Helpful Parenting Tips

I guess some of these are more observations than tips, but whatever.

Parenting Tip #1, given by my BIL:  You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.  You can, however, pick your child’s nose.

(This conversation came up when I was serving cake to the kids at Leo’s birthday party.  Somehow I got on the topic of nose picking, and as they were tucking into their cake I told them that my very favorite time to pick my nose was when I was baking birthday cakes.)

Parenting Tip #2: Anyone who knows how to overcook vegetables can make baby food.

Parenting Tip #3: Having one kid makes you proud.  Having two kids makes you humble.

Parenting Tip #4:  The key to getting your baby to sleep through the night is to stop caring.  He won’t necessarily start sleeping through the night sooner, but you won’t care.

Parenting Tip #5: Walk softly and carry a supply of dum-dums in your purse.

How ‘bout you?  What’s your favorite slightly snarky parenting tip?

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