Melted crayon Valentines

Last spring I made an end-of-year gift for Vincenzo’s teacher that involved ripping the heads off a box of brand new crayons.  Remember?


Since then I’ve had this box of decapitated crayon stubs lying around, messing with my mind like that dead body in Edgar Allen Poe’s Telltale Heart.  It was more than I could bear, so last night I stripped all the crayon bodies down naked, chopped them to bits with a butcher knife, tossed the chunks into a heart-shaped mold and cooked them up.  The result?


Valentine’s Day cards!  And what a fitting end for my Telltale Heart crayons.

For those who want to make these, I used a tin mini heart muffin pan.  The crayons shrink back from the sides when they cool and are easy to pop out.  Stuff each tin high with crayons to avoid concave hearts; attach to paper circles with thick foam tape.

2 thoughts on “Melted crayon Valentines

  1. You are so very creative! I am always awed at what you come up with. Plus you could make a living at party planning.

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