Random Funnies

1. V, reading the Swedish Fish package: Hey, Mom, they spelled “sweetish” wrong on this package!

2. Halfway through dinner at Red Robin, Rocco lifted his shirt up, flashed his torso in every direction, and asked, “MOM, DO I HAVE A RASH?”  He asked it several more times before changing to, “DADDY, DO YOU HAVE A RASH?  DO YOU DAD?  DO YOU HAVE A RASH?”  I no longer remember what it feels like to go out to dinner and not have everyone staring while you eat.

3. Even better than the goat commercial during the Superbowl was when one of our party guests commented, “Destiny’s Children look great!” and then later when Kevin was asked if he “tweetered,” which he does, so he showed us Helen Keller’s tweet that “The whole game was a blackout for me.”* 

4.  Rocco, at breakfast: “Mom, I saved the skin of my toast for you!”

5.  I bought the boys a huge helium balloon with a tail covered in tinsel “hair,” as Rocco calls it, that Leo has been obsessively picking off and eating.  And hence, the birth of the word “blingleberry.”  And I hope life never gives you the opportunity to use the word.

Cornbread taco bake
Mama B’s composed salad (thanks!)
Devil’s food cake with marshmallow fondant


*I’m sorry, Renee.  You seriously have to start following Helen Keller if you have a Twitter account, though.

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