Rocco’s itsy bitsy teeny weenies

So Rocco has this thing for a certain pair of pants lately.  This pair of pants:


To put the pants in perspective, here they are next to a pair of Rocco’s actual pants:


To put them in even more perspective:


They are the firefighter pants from a build-a-bear, and about a week ago he called me into his room because he was having a hard time getting them on.  On himself, that is.  I couldn’t help letting out a laugh, as he was sitting on the floor with the pants stuck halfway up his legs, and he immediately looked sheepish and took them off.

The next day Rocco was cranky so I gave him some quiet time in the room, and when I went in to tell him quiet time was over there he was, sitting in the cab of his fire truck bed with the build-a-bear pants on.  And this time he had gotten them aaaallllll the way up.  He whipped them off before I could even blink and wouldn’t put them on for a picture despite me offering him bribes of chocolate, candy, ice cream, and movies.

The next day Rocco asked for quiet time for the first time in his life.  He went in the room, put the pants on for a half an hour, and when I opened the door, “FFFFTTT!” the pants were off and he was standing there looking like a teenager who was caught doing an unsavory deed in his bedroom.

Today Rocco disappeared into his room again so I grabbed my camera.  It didn’t feel right to just barge in on him and his pants so I knocked.  “NO, MOM!  GO BACK TO WHERE YOU JUST WERE!”  I could see the sweat beads flying off of those words, so I left.  A few minutes later Rocco emerged, and I found the fire truck pants turned inside out in the cab of his bed.

I don’t think I can let Rocco’s childhood pass without a picture of him in these pants now.  I am as obsessed with getting a picture of him in his hot pants as he is about putting them on…but I think I have to let it go.  I just want you all to know how much it kills me to not violate his three-year-old sense of self-respect.

Kevin offered to put on a pair of Rocco’s pants so I could take a picture of that and put it on for reference, but I don’t think any of you want to see that.

Garden burgers with bacon (the only way to eat a garden burger!)
Salad with blue cheese, apples, and spiced pecans
Buttered green beans

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