Paper Table

sThis week’s fun has been a butcher roll of white paper I bought for Leo’s upcoming birthday.  We covered our kitchen table with it and it’s impossible to sit down to eat without drawing at least a little something…

A Pokemon fortress…


Or a road, a beach, and a car orphanage…


Instead of telling each other our favorite moment of the day, now we all draw it (I drew this for Rocco and now you know the reason I chose writing for my creative outlet over drawing.):


My favorite moment of this particular day was when the older boys set up bowling pins and let Leo be the ball:


Vincenzo’s favorite moment either involves a bunch of bloodied stick figures or he was too lazy to change colors.  (Let’s hope he turns out to be a good writer.):


At the end of dinner I have everyone draw the dessert of their dreams, and then we go to the kitchen and do our best to create it:




Even spelling practice is more fun when you can do it right on the table:


In conclusion, the world would be a happier place if everyone had their own roll of butcher paper.


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