One morning, two ways

I have been cuh-RANKY lately, so I decided to pay attention to my morning to see where things start going wrong.  I feel like I wake up happy enough but go to bed snipping and crabbing at everyone.  When I sat down to write the morning out, though, I ended up with two different versions.  I guess I’ll appeal to a wider reader base this way:

Version 1, which is what I’ll tell Kevin when he comes home:
This morning Leo woke up at 5:30 and cried until 6 when I finally let him nurse.  Rocco got up shortly after and Vincenzo came out of the room tattling that Rocco turned the light on and woke him up.  Rocco asked if I would play trains with him and I told him, “When Vincenzo goes to school.”  He proceeded to ask me every three minutes for the next hour while I made the boys breakfast, (“Now, Mom?”) prepped lunches for Kevin and Vincenzo, (“Now, Mom?”) got myself dressed, (“Now, Mom?”) changed two poopy diapers, (“Now, Mom?”) got all three boys in clothes, (“Now, Mom?”) scrubbed poo chunks out of the toilet, (“Now, Mom?”) folded laundry, (“Now, Mom?”) cleaned the kitchen, (“Now, Mom?”) and put Leo down for a nap (“Now, Mom?”).  When Vincenzo left for the bus stop Rocco wanted to give him a hug and Vincenzo was really nasty about it.  I told him I was disappointed in him and he immediately started whining and crying about all the stuff he had to carry to school, and he left the house a sobbing mess.  As soon as the door closed, Rocco asked if I would play trains with him and I said, “Yes!”  He was so excited about playing trains, though, that he was being too loud for Leo so I said, “Why don’t we go down to the basement to play?”  That suggestion naturally launched a raging temper tantrum that woke up Leo. 

All this, and it wasn’t even 9:00 yet. 

Version 2, which is what I’ll tell the tabloids:
This morning Leo woke early enough to get some rare snuggle time in bed with me before his brothers awoke.  When the boys woke up Vincenzo headed to the couch with a book while Rocco and I made French toast together for the family, and I even remembered to help Vincenzo practice spelling at breakfast.  Leo went down for an early nap, which made it easy for me to do some housework, pack Kevin and Vincenzo’s lunches and remember to send Vincenzo to school with a set of letters for the Valentine party, paper towel tubes for math, and a bag of books for the book fair.  In a moment of spontaneous brotherly love, Rocco gave Vincenzo a heartfelt hug on his way out the door.  Once Vincenzo was off to school I played trains with Rocco, which evolved into playing cars, which led to us singing, “Happy birthday dear teal car with some greenish on it too…” which ended with us snuggling in front of the fire on the cuddle lounge, reading books. 

And to think, we did all this before it was even 9:00.

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