The basement

For anyone wondering where we’re at these days:

First there was this…


Then this:


And now this:


Which looks slightly better when you see it like this:


Most of the change (and expense) isn’t really visible in the picture; we went from having a couple ceiling lights that cast a dim, swampy yellow light in the basement to having a ceiling so stuffed with can lights that I’m sure it’s illegal in some states.

We’ve been in this house for almost ten years now and we spent most of those ten years covering every white wall in the house with color—beige, cream, cranberry, butter, summer sky blue,  gray, chartreuse, terracotta, lavender, wine, sunshine yellow with orange stripes.  All of these have been or are in our house right now.


(I do not exaggerate.  This is our current downstairs bathroom, designed from a beach towel I loved.)

And now, after 10 years, we are going back through the house again and painting the walls white.

Next year we will probably join the Republican party.

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