Rocco’s Top 10 Countdown

For a New Year’s special, here are ten of my favorite moments with and/or quotes and/or facts about Rocco from the last two weeks.

10. Rocco calls his fingernails “toenails.”  He thinks I’m joking when I tell him they’re called “fingernails.”

9. He likes to sit atop a baby toy wearing only underwear and ride it like a horse. 

8. Rocco asks me to roll up his sleeves, so I do, and then he yells at me.  “NO!  MY PANT SLEEVES!” 

7. Rocco saw me crying one day and told he didn’t like it.  Then he added that I should go take a nap.

6. Rocco usually wakes up around 7, just in time to see Kevin coming home from his 6AM yoga class.  The other day when Kevin came in the house Rocco asked, “Do you ever sleep, Dad?!” 

5. I told Rocco we were going to Metropolitan Market for a few groceries and he said, “But I thought you were a QFC girl!” 

4. After spinning around and around in circles: “I spun around so much that now I’m busy.  Oh man, I’m sooooo busy now!”

3. Rocco was playing with some clear straws he got for Christmas and dropped them on the floor.  “Mom, can you help me find those long things that look like water?”

2. We went to the park last week for the first time since the summer.  Rocco stood at the top of the slide and yelled, “MOM!  WHY DID THEY MAKE THIS SLIDE SO MUCH SMALLER?!”

1. “Mom, swords are good for baby Leo, right?”

Happy New Year, everyone.  Here’s to another year of laughs and comical misuses of the English language.



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