Everybody Loves Rocco

Rocco is an intense kid who has been described by his teachers as being confident.  By “confident” they surely mean “loud and/or ridiculous with donkey-like tendencies and enough independence to make Uncle Sam seem more like a distant cousin.”  Throw in a generous cup of sugar—make it five–and boom!  You’ve got Rocco.

Perhaps last Sunday morning will help illustrate life with Rocco:

I woke up to a pair of clean underwear being plopped on my face and a buck-naked boy jumping around head. 

Rocco: Help with my undies please!
Me: Wait—what?  [I had been away for two seconds by now.]
Vincenzo: Mooomm–there’s a pair of really wet underwear in the bathroom! 
Me: Rocco, did you wet the bed last night?
Rocco:  Um…koind of…

The “koind of” was accompanied by a pair of eyes like Puss ‘n Boots uses as a deadly weapon in Shrek.  You know…


Only blue and with bigger eyelashes.

At breakfast that same morning Rocco held up three fingers and explained, “I’m scared of shadows because I’m three.”  He pulled out another finger and said, “I’ll be scared when I’m this many…and when I’m this many…and this many…but not when I’m this many,” he said, holding out all his fingers.  “Then I’ll LOVE them.”

And at that same breakfast that same morning:
Rocco: Mom, sometimes Leo likes to grab my hair and chew on me.  When I’m a baby I’ll want to chew on your hair.  When will I be a baby, Mom?
Me: You already were a baby.
Rocco: Oh.  And did I used to chew on Leo’s hair?

A short while later…
Me: Cans?  What cans?

Thus, the day continues.  Rocco talks non-stop throughout the day, so what makes it to my blog isn’t even 1% of what he says—although he does repeat himself over and over again, so the 1% probably makes up 80% of the day.


He’s really been on a roll lately, so stay tuned…

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