The End of Kevin*

To finish up my week of posts about Kevin last week I found this aesthetically pleasing display arranged atop The Bureau that Must Not Be Touched:


A gold-painted plate; a camouflage Puma shoe; a candlestick; and a suction cup hook.

Kevin arranged it for me.  Guess the theme and I will mail you a cocktail napkin signed by Kevin himself.  (The answer is at the bottom of the post, so it’s an honesty policy kind of thing.)

And, as a friend commented earlier in the week, “All paths lead to unicorns.”  I sent Kevin out to buy presents for three girls and he came back with three gigantic unicorns.  I said that’s fine, but it’s up to him to find a way to wrap them.

An hour later…


Yes, each unicorn gets its own “Quik Tube” with star cut-out.  Kevin calls them “unicorn lairs.”

I call them “This is the Reason God Didn’t Want Us to Have Girls.” 

My sincerest apologies to the moms of these little girls, who now have to find a way to make a quik-tube look cute on their daughters’ canopied princess beds. 

And now…the theme of the aesthetically pleasing display is:  Things the kids pulled out of the hallway closet that Kevin did not want Leo to eat

We do have some standards here.

*For now


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