Forever Young…ish

Now for installment two of Kevin week…it’s really only a Kevin-ish post, but if he had just bought me a bottle of Dove then I wouldn’t have anything to blog about.

See, I sent Kevin to the store to buy a few groceries and some body wash for me–not too smelly, I said.  I unloaded the bag to find this:


Do not adjust your bifocals; that label reads "Old Spice."  Kevin bought me OLD SPICE!  He said it’s not because I’m old–it’s because Old Spice is cool now.  Something about Believing in Your Smelf. 

I told him Old Spice isn’t cool, it’s that we’re old now and old people like to think they’re cool.  My theory was confirmed when I pulled the last item out of the grocery bag:


His back hurts, he tells me.  Especially when it rains.  Or when he’s driving his mobility scooter to Walmart to buy more generic Ben Gay.

Oh well; at least the tube looks natural on our shelf next to its companions:


Seriously, guys–none of these items were in our medicine cabinet a year ago, but recently our nighttime routine involves putting in our mouth guards, applying ointments to various body parts, and asking each other if we remembered to take our fiber.  Eight hours later we wake up and take turns with the nose hair trimmer.

I think there’s no denying we’re getting old.  Kevin’s head is filling up with gray hair and I have a blog. 

But still!  Is your medicine cabinet stocked the same as ours, or is it just us?

4 thoughts on “Forever Young…ish

  1. Jnet–you forgot to factor in that we go to bed at 8:00. The hours aren’t consecutive, but they’re there…at least between the both of us, they are.

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