Christmas Joys

1. This year instead of decorating gingerbread, we thought outside of the cookie tin and made ninjabread men.  See if you can guess which one of my boys was just phoning it in (V’s on top, R’s below):



2. I took the boys to see the Christmas lights at Bellevue Botanical gardens—there was an entire vegetable garden made of lights, a tropical oasis with a monkey made out of lights in a tree made out of lights, peacocks made out of lights, trees that looked like they were dripping water out of lights, even a lock ness monster made out of lights:


My boys favorite part, though?  Was this:


They spent most of their time playing some weird game of chase/war here, and they were in heaven.  I guess it’s the boy-mom’s equivalent of taking the children to see The Nutcracker.

3. Rocco’s school had a Christmas sing-along this week.  As these pictures show, he was totally into it!





Did I say “he?”  I meant “Grammy.”

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