Biz to the e

Ahhh!  No time to blog—only time to explain why I have no time to blog!  This week includes basketball practice, dinner with friends, Christmas shopping for Kevin, preschool sing-along, volunteer for literacy at V’s school, volunteer at R’s school as photographer, volunteer at V’s school for gingerbread houses, meet friends at the Bellevue Botanical gardens’ light show, volunteer at V’s school for ceramics class, attend multicultural night with the family at V’s school, play date for R and a friend, bake and build seven gingerbread houses, take R to Little Gym,  meet with carpenter about the basement, take family to swim lessons, go to Red Robin with friends.

That brings us to the weekend.  And our weekends tend to be busier than our week days.

I have a bittersweet relationship with the Christmas season.


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