My Little Donkey

Every year I sew a charm onto each of my kid’s stockings—something that represents who they were that year.  Vincenzo’s, for example, includes a turtle, an owl, a sword, and a book.  Rocco’s includes a motorcycle and a train, and I was going to get him another train this year because the kid has a one (train) track mind, when Kevin said we should really get him a donkey, as that’s what we call him behind closed doors  The kid has some OPINIONS and doesn’t back down from them, and these opinions are always the opposite of what you want him to do. 

So I got him a donkey charm.  And you know what he did when he saw that donkey there on his stocking?  He yelled at me for an hour because he did NOT want  DONKEY on his STOCKING.  Donkeys are for girls, he explain-yelled.  I told him that’s just what a donkey would say.

I was feeling kind of bad about the donkey thing, but my mom said that it was a donkey who carried Mary into Bethlehem, so it’s a noble, humble, and hard-working animal.  And someday I will delete the upper two paragraphs from my blog so Rocco can read this and feel noble, humble, and hard-working, instead of stubborn, loud, and opinionated.

Anyway, Rocco isn’t as much like the donkey from the bible as the one from Shrek, always talking and asking if we’re there yet and inviting himself along and being hilarious to anyone watching the movie but exasperating to anyone actually in the movie. 

That’s not entirely true…we laugh quite a bit, too.  Here are a few laughs we’ve had with Rocco lately:

1. “Mom! I’m going to feed Leo this banana!  And I’m going to do it using this crazy straw! “

2. (While making Froot Loop necklaces) “I like this necklace so much, I want this necklace to have a necklace!”

3. I looked over to see him drinking his water like this the other day:


That’s what we’re dealing with here, people: three crazy straws worth of crazy.

You know what?  Maybe I’ll just delete this entire post.


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