The dating doldrums

It’s been awhile since Kevin and I went on a date, so I made a couple plans for him to choose from:

Option 1:

We head to Ballard to do some window shopping and check out all the Christmas storefront displays, then find a hole-in-the-wall café for lunch, and afterwards pick up lattes to keep us warm while we visit the Ballard Locks.  On our way out of town we stock up on Napoleon hats and kringles from Lawson’s bakery, then take the scenic way home to ooo and ahhh over Christmas lights.

Option 2:

We take the bus downtown just for the thrill of it, stroll hand in hand to the big carousel that we consider for a minute, then hop on to show we are young and spontaneous.  We walk around and people watch for awhile, then duck into that restaurant we went to on our second date for a romantic dinner and finish it up with hot toddies before cozying up on the bus ride home.

Option 3:

I put on my skin-tight teal dress and heels, we go downtown to the French restaurant at Pike Place market and browse through the vendors there, then catch the Improv theater’s “A Christmas Carol.”  We stop for Grand Marnier strawberries at Daniel’s on the way home.

Option 4:

We stay home, fix a few things around the house, maybe rent a movie.


Guess which one he chose?

I think I need a boyfriend.


3 thoughts on “The dating doldrums

  1. Just do like I do, and find another mommy friend who wants to get out, and enjoys those kind of things too! Sometimes it feels silly to walk hand in hand, but only if you run into people you know!

  2. I know, Beth. That’s who Holly was for me and now that she’s gone I’m a little lost. I know there are lots of other people I could go with, but Holly and I were the ones who would do all this. I miss her.

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