The Epic Adventure of Rocco’s Underwear

For those who missed, yesterday I began a colorful journey (the color yellow, that is) through potty adventures with boys.  I continue.

When Rocco goes potty he has to take his undies and pants all the way off or his little legs can’t spread apart enough for his boy parts to face downwards, and we end up with another one of these:

get naked

Lately he has found it hilarious to do this with his underwear, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Mom is not laughing.

undies toss

It is especially hilarious if the undies land here:

undies towels

or here:

undies toy bin

(In the toy bin outside the bathroom.)

I made the huge mistake of not explaining any of this to my dear MIL, who took the boys on a trip downtown to the market.  Inevitably, at some point Rocco looked up at her and said, “I have to go to the bafroom.”

It was epic.  Grandma was just getting over the surprise of having Rocco strip down to almost-naked, when…


undies kick (1)

Yes, not only did his undies almost poetically sail over two stalls, they happened to land in the second stall over.  IN THE TOILET. Where someone else was doing their business.  Which resulted in this:


undies recovery

Like I said.  Epic.

When bloggers dream, this is the kind of stuff their dreams are made of.

3 thoughts on “The Epic Adventure of Rocco’s Underwear

  1. You crack me up! I am laughing because its true! I learned more about the male anatomy when I was training my first born then I ever learned in school! I have to tell you though, boys are easier to train than girls! You can point and say push!

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