Rainy day fun: fall edition

I’m a fall lover, so once it hits I kind of wake up.  Here’s a bit of the fun we’ve been having, for those of you looking for ways to spend an afternoon or two:

1.  Pinecones:

The boys found a fresh cedar cone and an old pine cone so we put them on the kitchen table to see what would happen over the next couple weeks.  (Sorry for the various angles—I wasn’t all that scientific in my camera location.)


Pretty cool.  But then we had company over so the cones got banished to the outside and look what happened:


I didn’t know they’d do that…did you?  Now we’re running some experiments on the pine cones to see if it’s the cold outside that closed them up or the wetness.

2. Carrots:

We pulled up all the carrots in the garden and sorted them different ways and counted them and weighed them and then ate a bunch of them.


Then we read this book:


…and we followed the recipe in the back of the book to make our own carrot soup.


(Spoiler alert: much more fun to make than to actually eat–even with about 50 homemade croutons.)

3.  Leaves:

We made salt dough fall leaves


and crayon-on-hot-plate fall leaves…


and leaf rubbings…


and sponge-painted fall leaves.


Hope you have fun trying some of these projects on your own!  If not you’re going to start feeling awfully guilty…

Roasted pumpkin enchiladas with tomatillo sauce
Carrot soup with sourdough croutons
Caramel corn

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