Rocco Taco

Piggybacking on yesterday’s post, today you get to know Rocco.  Brace yourselves.

Rocco is a nut who always keep us guessing and laughing and also just one hairsbreadth away from strangling him (in a Homer-to-Bart-Simpson way, not a gruesome one). At any given moment, he is walking around the house in beach pail shoes or wearing a Kleenex hat or stuffing his and your pockets with cars and trains. He loves to sit and be read to, like his brother, though playing with trains is his number one.


Rocco is a button and boundary pusher, so if you tell him to stop doing something, he absolutely, positively, without a doubt HAS to do it at least one more time.

Or maybe do it with his foot instead.

Or just get really close to doing whatever it is without technically doing it.


Rocco has reached the stage where many parents say, “I said I’d never spank my kids, but…” When he is happy the whole world is happy, and when he’s mad, it’s hurricane season and the whole world is Florida.

He will ask you to get him a sandwich, and then when you bring him a sandwich he’ll ask, “Why did you bring me a sandwich?”  Then he will ask the it 54 more times until he sees he has broken you.

But just when I think I can’t take it anymore and I pick up the phone to call the gypsies for a pick-up, Rocco comes running at me full-tilt to give me the strongest, no-holds-barred hug and tells me he loves me, and he doesn’t let go until I know he really means it. 

I live for those hugs.


(Underwear photoshopped in because Rocco’s urge to ride the tricycle hit him during a moment when he was not wearing any clothes at all.)

Rocco is the baby who came a year after Angelo, and because of this he is the one who taught me to hope again and to trust again and to let myself believe that life is not tragic after all. 

It is a comedy.  And it is starring Rocco.

Oaxacan tacos with spicy black bean stew*
Lime cilantro rice
Apple cake with toffee crust

*Super awesome vegetarian recipe from the Café Flora recipe book—you basically fry up some corn tortillas and roll them up with mashed potatoes, smoked cheese, and red peppers, then bake them for awhile.  Sounds weird but it’s amazing!

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