Not much action here this week, so I’ll take a break from my usual style and blog about my older boys this week—who they are by themselves and who they are together, which is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Or sometimes like Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Jekyll.

First things first—my firstborn:

Vincenzo has become so sophisticated lately, always into a book or building with Legos or making some insight about the people or the world–but he is still the kid who sneaks bites of dinner to his pet sea lion and gets so crazy playing in the tub that the bath water gets in the vent and drenches the basement below.  He soaks up everything he reads and hears.  He’ll bring up stories or facts from NPR broadcasts during dinner, then tell me that at recess he and Gabriel played “babies.”  He holds my hand when I take him places, just the two of us, and at the end of the day tells me that was his favorite moment of the day.

Vincenzo can’t stand two things: unfairness and losing.  And he also frequently wears his underwear and/or pants backwards. 

I expect so much from Vincenzo, but then I notice how round and soft his face is and how thin his little legs are and how pure his skin still is and I can so easily trace him back to the baby I brought home from the hospital.  At these times I know he is still small and I know that I was wrong when I held that baby and whispered to him that I couldn’t possibly love him anymore than I already do.



He is the baby that yanked my life off the nice little path it was on and plopped me onto a path of surprises and beauty and wonder that continually take my breath away. 

A path that is, as Vincenzo would say, AWESOME.

Bean and bacon soup
Salad with apples, gorgonzola, craisins, and candied pecans
Peanut butter cookies

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