I went to Vincenzo’s curriculum night last night and I think I might have gotten a little out of control.

First I signed up to be on the party planning committee because I love parties.

Then I signed up to be the art docent who plans and teaches art to the class twice a month because I really love (and miss) teaching.

Then I saw an opening for “class photographer” and since I’m already taking pictures all the time anyway, I signed up.

Then a sheet came around for unspecified volunteering and that sounded intriguing so I signed up for once a week.

At Rocco’s school I am the unofficial class photographer and I am volunteering to help with the cooking lessons and also I signed up to bake cakes and cookies a couple times a month for the 60 kids at the alternative high school at the church there.  Then I noticed a kid in his class afraid to go to school there so I invited him over so he could make friends with Rocco and be less afraid.  Then I invited a new bus stop kid and his family to dinner at our house.  And I invited a girl from Rocco’s school over for a play date simply because she has one of my favorite girl names.  I invited one of Vincenzo’s best friends and his family over for dinner tonight.

I think I might be overcommitting. 

Part of me wants to do it all, to meet everyone, to bring people together, to create a tight-knit group of parents and kids for my sons to go through school with.

And part of me wants to just hang out in the backyard at home, playing with my boys on the swing set and watching Kevin move heavy objects around the yard at my whim.

And part of me wants to send the kids away for a weekend so I can garden and scrapbook, clean the house, build another tier to the vegetable garden, paint Leo’s growth chart, go for a long run, wash all the windows, spend an entire day watching football and eating guy food with Kevin on the couch.

When I get like, all tightly wound and anxious about tomorrow and wanting to do one thing while simultaneously wanting to do the thing’s opposite, my husband tells me it’s time for an appointment with my therapist. 

But when I get like this, the last thing I have is time for an appointment with my therapist!

In which case…does anyone else want to come over for dinner tonight?

4 thoughts on “Imploding

  1. Invite the therapist over for dinner? Or maybe just open a school in your house. The teachers and kids can work on your garden, and you could call it education. I’m starting to believe I’ve got it all figured out.

  2. Haha! Awesome, I love your writting, please don’t give that up! You make us all laugh with you. Or at least I hope you’re laughing…

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