2 Days Down…

Oh my word, people I just discovered there is this place you can take your kids when they’re old enough and leave them for seven hours for FREE and they come back worn out and also a bit smarter.

It’s called SCHOOL [skool].  It is seriously the greatest invention ever!

Kevin asked me what I did today while Vincenzo was at school.  I told him that I came home from the bus stop, put Leo down for his 3-hour nap, played with Rocco until he forgot about me, then worked on a scrap book page.  Leo woke up at lunch time so I took the boys for a walk along the train tracks and we had a picnic.  Then I went home and put both boys down for a nap and they looked so happy sleeping that I myself took a nap on the deck.  We woke up in time to pick up Vincenzo, who came home and played with his brothers while I cooked dinner.

This is quite a change from summer when we’d look up from the gigantic moat we were digging on the beach and realize it was 6:30 and wasn’t somebody supposed to cook dinner?  It was a fun way to live for two months, but exhausting.  Also we were all hungry.

So now we have dinner conversations where Kevin asks me if I got such-and-such done during the day, like call the bank back, and I say I was too busy raising his children, and he points out that I just said I took a long nap, and I explain that taking naps takes TIME, damn it, I can’t just get that done in a couple minutes.  Who does he think I am?

Then I place before him a  steak salad with blue cheese crumbles, a heaping scoop of gratin dauphinoise, and a big bowl of pasta with au poivre sauce and he forgets his question and we both eat our dinner, happy that the end of summer wasn’t the end of the world I thought it was going to be.


I just hope I don’t miss this guy too much.


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